The Futures Foundation

How Do I Apply for a Grant?

The Futures Foundation is the fundraising arm of MORC, Inc.  It generates resources and awards grants to help fulfill the needs, wishes and dreams of individuals with disabilities served by MORC. We are committed to enhancing lives, making memories and providing brighter futures.



Who is Eligible to Apply for a Futures Foundation Grant?

Grants are available for individuals with intellectual disabilities who are currently receiving services from MORC, Inc.  Thanks to the generous support we receive from community members, event supporters, vendors, grateful families and many others, we are able to provide grants for things that enhance quality of life, but are not covered by other funding sources. Things funded by the Foundation include: dental needs, hearing aids, swimming and karate lessons, mini retreats, zoo passes, YMCA memberships and many more.

What is the Grant Size and How Often are they Awarded?

Individuals receiving services from MORC, Inc. who would like to apply for a grant should contact their MORC Support Coordinator who will assist in completing the grant application.

Contact Us

For more information about the Futures Foundation or to make a donation, please contact us at 586-464-2610.

Most Futures Foundation grants range from $100 - $2,500.  Grants are awarded on a quarterly basis in February, May, August and November.  Emergency requests are also considered throughout the year.   The Foundation also operates a Dental Fund and a Hearing Aid Fund that awards grants throughout the year on an as needed basis.


How Can I Get Involved with the Futures Foundation?

There are many ways to get involved with the Foundation.

  • Make a cash donation.
  • Make an in‐kind donation (clothes, furniture, gifts for event raffles, gift cards, etc.)
  • Support our events as a volunteer or guest


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